The Cost Of Not Taking Action


How much is it costing you every month because of your inability to take action; mistrust of others; excuses like no money, wrong time, no time, I’ll do it next month; listening to the bullshit stories that you keep telling yourself; laziness; small thinking, etc, etc, etc? Use this simple formula: How much SHOULD you…

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‘Fake’ Authority and Best Sellers

BS Seller.001

I am NOT impressed in the least by anyone who claims to be a ‘best-selling’ author or claims to have been seen on FOX, NBC, CNN, etc. What was once a badge of honor and accomplishment has now been so diluted by so many pretenders and wannabees that it’s actually becoming a badge of shame…

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Thanks For Being Brutally Honest

Business is not always fair play - ruthless business competition concept - isolated

How To Be Brutally Honest With Someone, And Have Them Thank You For It! I had a conversation last week with a budding business coach who has been spinning his wheels the entire time and accomplishing nothing. Years ago when I ran a local mastermind group for business owners in Cincinnati, I allowed him to…

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Stop Bullshitting Yourself


STOP BULLSHITTING YOURSELF! {WARNING. Some of you are going to HATE me and feel compelled to argue with me for this no B.S. post!!! Have at it!} If you haven’t reached the pinnacle of your success yet, it’s not because of all the reasons/excuses that you constantly come up and fool yourself into believing (No…

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Someday Isle

someday isle

SOMEDAY ISLE (Better known as “Someday I’ll…”) Have you been saying to yourself, SOMEDAY I’LL… build a real business SOMEDAY I’LL… start making real money SOMEDAY I’LL… stop feeling like a slave to my clients SOMEDAY I’LL… start living my dream lifestyle SOMEDAY I’LL… stop procrastinating and finally get going SOMEDAY I’LL… stop beating my…

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Misconceptions About Success


Overheard while working out at the gym this morning… “…he lives in a $1.6M home. That guy must be on the road most of the time, busting his butt just to afford that place.” It’s unfortunate that most folks equate ‘success’ with ‘having to work their asses off’. And even worse, they fail to even…

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How To Write Emails Your Customers Will Actually Read

Close-up of male fingers typing a business document on the black laptop

We are often told that email marketing is dead, and this statement makes sense. People receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis, many of which move straight into their spam folder. And those that don’t, often get quickly deleted. Research has shown that 80% of emails do not even get opened and 95% don’t…

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How To Achieve Content Marketing Success

content marketing word cloud on a digital tablet with a cup of coffee

They say that ‘content is king’ and no matter how often Google changes its algorithm, rules and other parameters, it seems that content will always continue to hold this royal position. What are changing, however, are the types of content that are out there. Furthermore, the amount of content in the marketing sphere today is…

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How To Buy Traffic On A Limited Budget


Even if you have the most innovative service or a truly unique, high demand product, you still can’t guarantee that people will actually come to your website and buy from you. No matter how good your site or your product is, people may not come. Low traffic ultimately means low to no sales, which in…

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How To Create The Right B2B Buyer Persona


As part of your inbound marketing strategy, you have to be able to create a buyer persona. This is an integral part of your B2B strategy as well. As with anything online, however, it needs change on an almost daily basis, so it is very important to stay current and up-to-date. What Is a Buyer…

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