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Ron Ipach’s counter ­intuitive approach allows the people he helps to create businesses based around their lifestyles, a value he holds dear.

He’s coached thousands of business owners over the past 19 years, built over a dozen businesses from the ground up, and is mentioned in several prominent business books, including “Ordinary People: Extraordinary Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches”.

Ron works with business owners, professionals, and executives and helps them take their highly valued expertise, knowledge, and experience; and turn it into a six-figure-per-month lifestyle-driven businesses.

In his free time (which he had plenty of because he works no more than 20 hours a week) Ron enjoys golfing, traveling the Caribbean, spending time at his beach condo in Florida, and entertaining at his 9000 square foot McMansion in Ohio that he jokingly calls “The Ipach Shack”.

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